Reactions As UDA Spokesman Dennis Itumbi Alleges That CS Matiangi Is Busy Politicking For Raila

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Netizens have been left with a surprise after United Democratic Alliance (UDA) spokesman Dennis Itumbi, alleges that CS Fred Mariang'i and PS Karanja Kibicho, are busy politicking for the ODM Party leader Raila Odinga for Presidency.

According to details penned on his twitter page, Itumbi reveals that, PS Karanja Kibicho and CS Matiang'i had failed to guarantee the security needed as there was terror Suspects who escaped from a Maximum Security Prison.

Below are netizens reactions on the above post;

"Tagging, ICC, Borison , Biden and even migunamiguna won't Help u , the government has decided it Raila, and whole communication Ruto office insulting senior government officials, on social media through Itumbi Ruto communication officer." A comment read.

"Kwani Matiangi na Kibicho ni prison officers.? Saa ingine wacha kutumia matako kufikiria...heshimu watu wako na bibi na watoto ...wewe mtoto moja wako na bibi wanalala njaa....huwezi walisha. Wewe ni mwanaume wa aina gani unatekeleza damu yako....Itumbi tumia free." A comment read.

"They have declared to be partisan ,we are heading to dark days only God will salvage this country from evils schemes that are being orchestrated." A comment read.

"The real problems causing all these things are materialism, hedonism, politics as religion & individualism. Why can we divert this energy to solving this in us first. If we can work on this, I tell you Kenya will be a better place for all generations to come." A comment read.

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