Look at the pictures of a lady who uses her legs to Cook and write.

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existence is never clean for individuals who are disabled, and it'll by no means be easy for them. individuals who've tried suicide on account of their incapacity ought to be rewarded, for the reason that we've all heard testimonies about humans who've attempted suicide due to their disability.

Kashmiere Culbertson is an inspiring version for many disabled human beings. She has been for a long time. Many human beings consider it's miles tough to consider that this twenty three year vintage dusky American girl turned into born with out palms. She turned into born at the twelfth of August, 1998.

The incredible majority of those who appear like Kashmiere have given up on lifestyles. Kashmiere, alternatively, has determined to make a concerted effort to obtain her dreams.

Kashmiere turned into born with out hands, however that did not forestall her from pursuing a profession in artistic expression. She now teaches others the way to use their feet to accomplish foremost dreams.

humans are unaware that she lacks fingers due to the fact that she is so attractive and assured in her appearance.

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