"He Has Not Slept With Me For Three Weeks Now And He Has Started Developing Problems" Woman Narrates


Bridgit, is a woman seeking for help from a doctor, this is because she is Suspecting that her husband might be passing through an unknown problem that might create chaos someday. On a letter she wrote as a message, the lady said that she is always worried when her husband fails to engage in 'the act' with her for a period of three to four weeks, she says that her husband experiences a lot of pain in his lower abdomen and when there is passage of urine at other times he only passes a small amount of urine.

The lady suspects that all these comes as a result of him not engaging in the act with her for the long period of time, but according to the Doctor, her husband might be suffering from chronic syndrome that results to pelvic pain syndrome. This later leads to pain when one is passing urine and also causes low passage of urine, she was later advised to visit a doctor where examination will be done and treatment made.

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