If I steal again you can imprison me for life: Armed robber sadly spills his last words

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An armed robber who was arrested by Bekwai police today has spilled his last words out and begged for his life. You’d be asking yourself about how these robbery stories are taking over the internet and how people are still robbing others knowing that their colleagues are being caught by the police.

And this is due to no other factor but selfishness and laziness. The hand that does not work according to the Bible does not eat and this is why most of the young men and women out there who are refusing to work are not eating.

This paves way for them to see other avenues where they can grab anyone’s item and run away with it. Since this is a risky work and path to follow, robbers who have decided to go on and not give up on their robbery games have fallen into serious troubles.

Today happened to be one of the saddest days for robbers who decided to rob a shop attendant at Bekwai. The robber decided to monitor the young woman’s movement and waited for the time when she was dozing off.

According to one mobile money vendor who claims the young man’s behavior was not a normal one, he decided to call area boys to arrest him at first but things became even more intense. Before they had arrived, the robber had taken a bowl which had the savings for the day in it and had pointed a knife at the woman running away with the money.

She screamed and screamed but he was long gone. The robber who according to the area boys is called Ankrah Felix was later seized by the boys and treated in a way no one would love to be treated.

During this, the thief said, please spare my life and let me go. If I steal again, you can imprison me for life. The crowd who knew that they didn’t have to take matters into their own hands took him to the Bekwai police station to be dealt with appropriately.

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