Mt Kenya Tycoons Plan Against Ruto Might Backfire Badly, Here is the Reason

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It's clear the tycoons have come together only to protect their interest and wealth and they are shamelessly saying it without fear. However it's clear such plans might backfire badly for majority are the hustlers who might gang up against the leaders due to their selfish interests.

One thing is that the business tycoons are business people who have all along been doing business with the government. Therefore they are clearly supporting leaders who will enable them continue doing business with the government at the expense of the ordinary Kenyans.

The fact the tycoons have all ganged against the deputy president William Ruto who enjoys the support of majority hustlers is in itself a confirmation that Ruto is a wave. It's clear they are banking on the system and Uhuru Kenyatta to bring Ruto down something that might fail given Ruto has support from across all corners of the country.

It's clear also that the tycoons do not control the votes of the ordinary citizens. This is therefore a confirmation that moving into the 2022 general election, hustlers might all gang up together against all project of the tycoons for truly we cannot elect a leader to protect only the rich at the expense of the majority hustlers.

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