Three Most Hilarious Photos Of The Day

If you are a Ghanaian you might be just as happy as I am with smiles all throughout this month of March. I found these hilarious photos that kept my cheeks busy all the long and I can't but share them with my fellow Ghanaians.

Here are my top three picks for the day.

1. Sleepy Ride

The fact that this photo depicts how uncomfortable of a situation this horse must have been in, it still does not take away the fact absolute humor of it.

What on earth is an animal of this caliber doing on this little bike? Besides this horse could be twice faster than the bike. Absolutely nuts!

2. I can Still See You!

This photo is an absolute cracker and definitely a work of a genius! We can see a haircut that depicts that of a human face. Absolutely stunning but hilarious considering the facial expression of the piece of art.

3. Say Cheese

I need not give any comments regarding this photo. Absolutely Hilarious!

Haha! I hope you did enjoy them just as I did.

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