"Zetu Ni Manganya Zai Ni Ma Wheelbarrow" ODM Attack On UDA


The Orange Democratic Movement party has now taken a shot at UDA party stating that UDA is after wheelbarrows while they are after buses .

The party criticized Ruto's party for using fuel and travelling to rural places so as to regester the people in different places in the country. To them that is shouting to the world, they then declared a new way through which their party members will regester without announcing to the world .

"You don’t have to BURN fuel to reach the people in the name of membership REGISTRATION. You don’t have to shout to the WORLD about registration... Change with times, Do it in silence....Twende Kazi" Orange Democratic Party tweeted .

Currently different party's are recruiting new members in to their parties, some prefer to go the ground to speak with the people while others use online technological means in order to register the people .

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