Akatsi North District Education Directorate Gives Notice To All Teachers On Training Workshop.


The new policy policy for all professional teachers in the country to be licensed comes with a lot of tasks. Already, teachers are the most multitasked professionals in the work. The new task that has been added for teachers is to build portfolios, attend training workshops, carryout action research especially in their classes and schools. These and many others form part of the requirements for the renewal of their licences.

It is in line with this that the Akatsi North District Education Directorate just like other districts has organized a similar training workshop for teachers in the district. While all teachers are getting prepared for the workshop, a notice has been given indicating the suspension of the workshop. The reason given was due to the ongoing 2021 Population and Housing Census exercise ongoing in the country. Per the notice given the has not been any rescheduled date yet, which means until further notice.

However, the notice also indicates that teachers should endeavor to continue the payment of the participation fee of Thirty-Five Ghana CEDI's (¢35.00) as scheduled to facilitate the organization of the training workshop. This is a proactive step taken by the directorate which is in the right direction. It is obvious that some teachers would be participating in the national exercise within the next few days. This considerations are very necessary in decision making and planning.

Find the notice below:

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