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Zodwa waBantu is a South African dancer and entertainer. She broke into the entertainment industry when people began photographing and filming her dancing at a well-known KwaZulu-Natal club/pub. She began to be reimbursed for her dancing, which caused her to gain even more weight.

She now works as a professional dancer for her own company. Zodwa isn't ashamed to flaunt her figure because it keeps her afloat. Because she is so genuine, some people believe she reveals too much.

She revealed her Ben10 boyfriend Olefile Mpudi lage last year. She has since been posting him on her social media platforms, and they really seem to be in love with each other. Zodwa WaBantu has even decided to tattoo her boyfriend's name on her wrist. Most people don't think it will end well. There have been a number of celebrities who have done that before, and it did not end well. Personally, I think it is the most stupid thing ever to tattoo someone's name on your body, unless they are your child. 



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