Moonchild Plans On Proposing To Girlfriend Gontse

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Moonchild Sanelly's fans who she affectionately refers to as "Boo Beams", will be pleased to learn that the musician plans on proposing to her girlfriend.

On her MTV reality show 'Moonchild Sanelly Woza' tonight at 9:30pm, the Gqom hit-maker and reality start is scheduled to show her proposal to girlfriend Gontse More. Her fans and viewers get to have a front row seat into her life as the first season of her show came to an end. They get to see the business side of her music as well as fashion interests. Not only do they get to see the spacial moment, but throughout the season, she opened up about her relationship with her girlfriend.

The musician revealed that this does not come as a surprise because she and her girlfriend have talked about getting marriage and she is excited to be married to her. One thing Moonchild loves about her relationship said is that there are no expectations about who is supposed to be a provider.

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