Another Popular Boys School in Siaya County Closed Indefinitely

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School unrest has continued across the country as more schools continue to close indefinitely. However the latest report is that more than 1000 students from Rangala boys high school have been sent home indefinitely after they caused drama yesterday night. They demanded they wanted to go home for holidays since its already December and they are not used to being in school at this time.

According to the reliable source, the school principal Mr Onyango tried his best to calm the students down but no futile results. He further had to bow to their pressure and promised to allow them go home today morning that's when they cooled.

Adding to that the students today have caused damages in the school as they couldn't access the store to go and destroy food, they instead broke windows and other properties before leaving the school compound.

“The Principal moved with speed to try and cool them and even called police for assistance. They could not come down. We consulted and agreed the principal should inform them that they would go home in the morning as demanded. This was done by avoiding damaging and vandalising school property,” Onyango said.

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