You Are Not A Real Man, Justina Syokau Narrates How She Is Disappointed By Ringtone After Fighting

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Ringtone Apoko is a gospel artist and he is also known by many as a born again singer who comes from a humble background.

His songs are loved by many because they contain the message of God.

Many people also know Apoko as a singer who like living a luxurious live since in many occasions he come out and says he has a home in Runda at the same time he drives a brado.

But the recent incident when he was chased away by DJ mo, a husband to size 8 has made his girlfriend and funs dump him.

For example, Justin's syokau who is an upcoming gospel composer and singer says now she is no longer interested with ringtone.

"Apoko should have defended himself as a man instead of submitting", syokau said.

It is good to humble yourself once you have been invited to any function by your friend.

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