Newspaper Major Headlines This Morning 30th June 2021.


Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto's Political Differences Extend To Their Guards.

Initially, when the President Uhuru and his Deputy had similar political interests,their guards operated in union between both of them.However as they started deviating from each other with regard to their political parties, security personnel which worked mutually turned to the deputy president.This has aroused different reactions by Kenyans and other political leaders.

Government's Target To Vaccine 10 Million People With Covid-19 Drug Before The End of 2021.

During his speech on Covid-19, President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that the Ministry of Health with collaboration with the national government is aiming at 10 million persons to be given the vaccine this year.This is to curb the increasingly rate of the pandemic and ensure proper monitoring of the economy.

Disagreement Between National Treasury And County Government Still Unsolved As County Funds Disbursement Delay.

The county government is still claiming that the operations are not running effectively as more funds from the treasury docket are yet to be released.This has aroused crisis since the national finance docket is revealing to the county administrators to remain patient.This occur few days after some amount was ushered to the counties.

BBI Team To Set Up Strategies To Oppose The Leadership That Voided It.

The Building Bridge Initiative stakeholders have suggested that the ruling that lowered it's prestige will be fought against.This is to improve the status and set goals that were to be fulfilled with unity.This proposal have aroused different views and comments by Kenyans.In addition, the team claim that leadership to spoil or mislead the members shall not be tolerated again.