After My Hubby Of 10years Died, My Name Was Not Included In The Eulogy By In_Laws:Lady Narrates.

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Grace Njeri a single mother of two has painfully narrated how her in laws didn't include her name on her husband eulogy after being married to him for ten years.

According to Njeri is that She got pregnant after high school and got married when she was still young and after seven years there were blessed with another baby.

She claims that after God blessed them and they were able to buy a matatu her husband changed a lot and started taking alcohol and he became very violet.

She decided to separate from her husband because of so many indifferences and being brutally beaten to a point of being admitted in hospital,one month after separation her husband became very sick and neighbors called her and she took him to the hospital.

On arrival to the hospital after the test the doctors broke the sad new to that her husband had only three hours left because the valva in his heart was opened and he had a blood clot.

Within three hours her husband breathed his last and she informed her in laws,she was socked during the burial day to find out that her name was not in eulogy her inlaws only included the children but her name was no where to be found.

The in laws said that during the time their son died he was single and so that why they didn't include her name and they took everything that they had.

Njeri says that she has healed and moved on in life and her children are already adults,she has urged single mothers to never give up in life and they should work hard and raise there kids in a Godly manner.


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