Mothers Try Out This Delicious Banga Soup/Ofe Akwu Recipe

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Banga soup is a quick and delicious Niger Delta style palm nut soup. is very easy to make and packed full of flavour from the herbs and spices used in making it.


1. Palm fruit or canned palm fruit

2. Banga spice

3. Beletete leaves (dried atama leave

4. Oburunbebe stick, just ask for Banga stick in the market.

5. fresh catfish

6. assorted beef 

7. fresh shrimps (optional)

8. grounded crayfish

9. stockfish or dried fish

10. cameroon pepper

11. periwinkle

12. Salt, seasoning cubes, onion.


1. Season assorted beef and dried fish with salt, onions, seasoning cubes, add water and bring to boil till tender. (Separate meat from stock and reserve stock)

2. Place a large pan on medium heat, add palm nut fruit and dilute with warm water double of the amount of palm fruit used. I used 800g of palm fruit so I added 1.6ltr of water to the pan. you can add tough beef at this point.

3. Stir till well combined and bring to boil for about 20 minutes. Do not cover the pot. At this point, you will see the palm fruit extract bubbling and starting to thicken, and the oil floating on top of the soup

4. Add Banga spice, oburunbebe stick, ground crayfish and cook for another 10 minutes. The Banga spice adds a very rich aroma to the soup and you can just smell it. Check for salt and seasoning, dilute the soup with reserved stock if it is too thick. (Stir in between to avoid soup sticking to the bottom of the pan)

5. Add fresh fish and shrimps to the soup, add the beletete leaves or bitter leaf and leave to cook on low heat for another 10-12 minutes. (if you need to stir at any point after you have added the fresh fish, you will need to be careful or you can simply hold the pan on its 2 handles and give it a little twirl)

Your soup is ready to be served with starch, Eba, fufu, pounded yam or any other swallow of your choice.

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