Close to 3000 learners reportedly not yet placed in Western Cape

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Although it is regarded as one of the top performing provinces academically in South Africa , it was reported that it was still facing challenges regarding placement of learners . In the report , it was reported by SABC that there were almost 3000 learners who were not yet placed in the province as the schools reopened .

The province is reported to be having challenges with the rotation of classes , violence as well as placements .It was highlighted that even though there was a need for the province to build almost twenty schools , there was an issue of placements that would remain a challenge .

The department highlighted that there were always some learners moving to the province from other provinces or places .

Another concern was the fact that the National Treasury had made some adjustments .There was also a concern that was arisen of the need to rebuild some schools bu they had been hit with budget reductions , making it hard for them to complete their projects .SADTU reportedly said that there was a need for reformation of special planning in order to allow for integration of schools .

The union also expressed concern over the fact that schools said they were full even though they were not .It was highlighted by SADTU that there was a need for wealthy schools to enroll more learners in order to balance the inequality that exists between rich and poor schools .

Still moving on , the Western Cape Education Department reportedly said that the rotation system was negatively impacting learners .It was added that the learning gaps that were being created were making it a challenge for the learners to comprehend and it would have dire consequences .The Western Cape Department said that more learning time was being lost and that there was a need rotation to be ended .


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