Beautiful 15-Year-Old Student Alleged Commits Suicide At School Dinning Hall


Suicide cases are becoming rampant in the country as we seem to hear such news every month. We have heard of teachers, police, and other professional workers who had allegedly committed suicide due to one reason on the other. The question is; why commit suicide whiles the world has not yet come to an end?

Some people go through an intense emotional trauma that if they do not a counsellor or someone to talk to, they end up ending their lives. The new alleged suicide case is this beautiful girl in your pictures below. According to the official Facebook page of Atinka TV, this girl is 15 years of age.

Her name is Leticia Penaman Kyere and she attends Miracle Junior High School at Baakoniaba, a town in the Bono Region part of Ghana. The report indicates that she left suicidal notes which states that "I am not happy". This note was found at the dining hall of the school where she allegedly committed suicide.

According to the Police report, this incident happened yesterday evening, Monday 17th May 2021. The Police have started an investigation into this case.

The question is; Does the school organise counselling session often? Some of these children go through a lot but because they do not have anyone to talk to, they end doing the unimagined like some of these events. Parents, guardians, and teachers need to get time for the children and listen to their problems.