Open Letter To All Yoruba Kings & Obas To Come Out And End Igboho's Agitation If They Are Against It

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Dear Yoruba kings and Obas;

The ongoing agitation by one of your sons and kinsman Sunday Igboho has brought about a form of unrest in the whole of Yoruba land after you leaders decided to keep quiet over his activities.

This agitation which now seem to have turned into a struggle has contributed to the present situation of crisis and civil unrest that our country is facing lately, along with the case of insecurity that we have been experiencing.

The sole aim of this submission is to inquire the reason why you all community and town leaders both from the obas to the cabinet members, has decided to keep silent over Igboho's agitation. At this present situation of things, every Yoruba king and Obas ought to have come out openly and declare whether they are in support of Igboho's agitation or against it.

Dear prominent kings and Obas, I believe it's time to come out and speak up about this very agitation. Keeping silent wouldn't solve anything but rather it would lead to more chaos.

It is time to come out and declare if Igboho has your support to carry out his agitation or his actions is against the laws of Yoruba land, so as to order him to end it immediately.

An open letter from a Yoruba man to all the Yoruba kings and Obas to break their silence and end Igboho's agitation if they are not in support of it.

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