Check out the Nollywood actress who said she does not need a plastic surgery.

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It goes without saying that physical appearance matters to some extent as far as this new generation is concerned. Studies have revealed that good looking people and those with attractive features tend to receive better ratings than those that are considered less attractive. Also, more people are beginning to look outwardly to gain more self-confidence.

These and some other personal reasons have led many people to plastic surgery to enhance their looks and appear in the best version of themselves. However, there are some people that are naturally endowed with those qualities that others go under the knife for, while they only have little work to do to nurture the gift.

The popular Nollywood actress and film producer, Bimbo Ademoye is one of the lucky ones in this category. The movie star has always maintained that she doesn't need plastic surgery or any cream to obtain her figure, insisting that her shape is natural and it is something peculiar to her family.

While speaking with Saturday Beats on the subject and why she has always turned down adverts offers from butt enlargement cream producers, Bimbo said; "No disrespect to anybody, but it’s my belief that it doesn’t work. you can’t rub some ointment on your body and expect that part to only increase in size."

Photo: Bimbo Ademoye

Over time, Bimbo Ademoye has nurtured her natural shape by engaging in series of fitness trainings and cultivated the habit of using different shape enhancing materials like waist trainers and corsets.

The Nollywood queen has adopted these means and she is doing well with it. She said, therefore, she doesn't need any plastic surgery as her method is giving her the needed result.

Check out more photos of the beautiful actress below.

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