The meaning of repentance

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Acts 17:30 In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. Salvation is by Grace but repentance is a must

You were a thief before Knowing Christ!!! And you are still stealing. Repentance is being sorrowful of what you did,return the stolen things and purpose never to do that again.

Your grandmother was a witch and you are comfortable in Church as if Nothing happened in your family. When she killed and destroying lives God was watching. And His Word is True that when she did all that you partook it even before you were born.

Are you sorrowful because of the wasted your lives?

You take it in God through repentance.

After coming to the Light of God, you Must acknowledge what she did before God ,repent and ask God to separate you from her lineage!

You aborted Many times even in church to cover up your immortality. You didn't fear God but you defended your title in Church by killing an innocent soul repentance is when you go back to God in ashes and on sackcloth, confessing your sins before Him and vow Never to do that again.

You are a Pastor/minister of the gospel of the Word of God you visited witches to have followers in your church.

Every good girl you sleep with.

Because of the covenant you have made with powers of darkness,You cannot control your sexual urge.

Repentance is,being sorry for abusing the Blood and the Grace of God in tears in sackcloth and ashes.

Taking back everything you have ever been given from those witches.

Confessing your sins to those you slept with and To God.

Purpose a to live Holy and Never to go back to sin again.

NB:Simply,repentance is uprooting every root of evil from your heart,mind and soul.

Repent today and Satan will never have a legal ground in your life again.

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