Liverpool's revenge now in vain.

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Liverpool lost in the finals of the UEFA Champions League to Real Madrid by 1:0.

This is the second time Jurgen Klopp and his team are losing to Real Madrid in the finals of the champion league. Players from the Liverpool side have been saying it is the time for them to revenge against Real Madrid.

About four years ago, this same Madrid side beat them where Mo Salah got injured in the shoulder and couldn't continue that game.

So Liverpool FC and other football pundits thought that it is now time to revenge for the win Real Madrid gave them years past.

Before tonight's game, most football fans and pundits said that Liverpool was the favourite and the White Angels were going to lose tonight.

Liverpool started the game very well on a high note but they could not connect a single shot into the net of the Los Blancos.

Madrid took their chances well and scored the only goal of the game. Vinicius Jr scored a fantastic goal by all standards in the 59th minute.

Now the big question is; when is Liverpool going to take revenge against Real Madrid? We can't wait for that day.

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