A bus caught fire and 6 people burnt beyond recognition, see pictures

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Six people have died and 14 have been injured after a bus caught fire on Moloto road in Tshwane.

"Condolences to the affected families and speed recoveries to those who are injured. Moloto Road continues to takes life. That ruthless Moloto Road😭. I suspect there are many souls wandering there and proper rituals were not done. Provincial office must do something.... Together with community leaders.

Moloto RD is so fine this days. Problem ke this old, moving coffins called PUTCO. Moloto residence were promised a railway many donkeys ago, but stil they wait. Our government is partially 2 blame 4 this. The road has been calm for some time now. Putco must service their buses and train their drivers not to drive those coffins like racecars.

The road need more than prayers and I think ritual practice could solve the wondering spirits stucked on the road for years. This time I'm not sure where the problem is Moloto road or Putco buses. What happening is terrifying. Eish that Road everytime I travel home I cross fingers when I pass there. "said a Facebook followers



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