Check Out Some Hilarious Break Up Signs That Almost Went Too Far

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For better and for worse, we’ve all endured the love hate relationship with breakups. The game of love can be just as captivating as it can be painful. What began as a bright spark has ended in a fizzle. Thankfully, life goes on. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few moment or a few days of some brilliantly creative break-up humor. Take it from these breakup experts and discover your ideal method to publicly announce your newfound freedom to the world. All that said, if you’re happy and in love, please don’t feel obliged to end things for the sake of our amusement.

1. From Love To Chaos

This newly free man not only fake proposes but also takes the time to litter the road with his elaborate signage. It must have been pretty bad for your ex to publicly announce the breakup and provide a short six days for you to move out.

2. Dear Dave,

Dave, your wife, kids, and even your girlfriend wanted to stop by but you were nowhere in sight and no one had a spare napkin or sticky note. The only thing that would relatively suffice was this white marker upon your back windshield.

3. Everything Must Go!









12. A Scavenger Hunt!

In theory, a scavenger hunt sounds like a super fun way to spend an afternoon. That fun quickly turns into dread when you find out that all the items left out in the open are your personal items. Clothes, video games, a television, and even a laptop are sitting outside in the scary world beyond their former home. But have no fear, your loving ex-girlfriend has left you hints to find all your beloved items.

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