Top NDC Lawyer Advises Footsoldiers Not To Follow The "Old Rebels Causing Havoc" in NDC Now.


A veteran member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Benjamin Kumbuor is leading a national agenda in the opposition currently and many party faithful's, believe that, his actions are just meant to foster problems in the NDC and create disaffection for their much loved John Mahama.

This is following what happened over the weekend when Dr. Kumbuor had cautioned the party against holding conversations around the selection of a flagbearer for Election 2024, but rather, the former Interior Minister said the opposition party should rather be focusing on reorganization, as according to him, it will be a serious political blunder for the NDC to narrow its problems to getting a flagbearer to lead the party into the next elections.

He said this whiles speaking at the ‘Securing NDC’s Future’ forum organized by some leading members of the party in Tema on Saturday, Dr Kumbuor said the party’s challenges goes beyond succession to internal wrangling and weak cohesion. “Look for succession machinery and institution. One that will endure and be sustainable over the times. As comrade Dan Abodakpi has said, you can put any rider on that horse and the horse will win. When you start by closing any forms of conversation and let it look like the real problem for NDC today is a conversation about succession and flagbearship, you are committing a serious political blunder because by the time you get that successor or that individual in place; he is going to be riding a weak and tired and sick horse,” Dr Kumbuor intimated.

Yesterday for instance, Joy FM's Evans Mensah spent largely his entire time at the evening news brief discussing this in-party challenges and clearly, the party's Rawling's division, may want to have their party back. However, as this discourse continues in the media and amongst many in the country, a leading young lawyer of the party, Lawyer Edudzi Tamakloe, who submitted the party's election petition to the Supreme Court Registry, late last year, has subtly encouraged younger people not to follow the actions of these oldies, as in his words, "they are old and have nothing to loose" from this seeming rebellious actions.

In a Facebook post, Lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo writes that: "DON'T PLAY INTO THEIR GAME PLAN."

"I was once in the Supreme Court. While I was waiting for my case to be called, there was a certiorari and prohibition application from a High court in Kumasi. The lawyer for the Applicant took the High court judge on and used all kinds of words on the judge as part of the application to prohibit him.

Well, the application was roundly refused. Justice Jones Dotse decided to share a brief story or advice to the lawyers that. He narrated an incident that happened many years ago when he was practicing law in the Volta region.

He said he went to court with his senior. After the decision by the Judge, his senior was not pleased with it. So he stormed out of the court. Before storming out, he said to him in Ewe, "va me dzo." To wit "come and let's go." He said he could not immediately follow the senior. After the senior left, the Judge then said in open court that it was a wise decision that he took by not following the senior.

The judge said that as judges, they are also human and can be wrong but then how you address their wrongdoing is key. The judge then advised him that it was good that he didn't follow the senior because he was then very old at the Bar and was almost going on 'retirement.' He has nothing to lose. I decided to start this piece with the story above.

Always watch what the other person will lose at the end. If the person will not lose anything, never play into their game plan. Some people have seen it all and at the point of 'retirement', don't engage them when they press the self destruct button unless they are carrying a bomb.

Avoid any banter with them. There are some people you can't destroy. One such person is John Dramani Mahama. It is a fruitless and wasteful venture. Stay focused. Tomorrow is pregnant" he wrote.

Commentary that has followed this subtle but powerful counsel to young people in the NDC has included the following:

Benjamin Jerry Cudjoe writes "Thank you for this, Counsel."

Edinam Kofi writes "I have learned a lot from your post"

Ralph Setorwofia writes "I owe you a bottle of red wine...."

Nana Opoku Frefre writes "Wow. I’m NPP but I think I’ve picked some valuable lessons from this. Thanks, bro"

Efya Safoa Kantimpo writes "God bless you"

Courage Livingston writes "Too much sense in this message. Thank you bro..."

Eric Kobina Woode writes "Always watch what the other person will loose at the end"

In concluding, I will just say that "A word to the wise, is always enough."