"Huyu Akamatwe" Kenyans React Upon Noticing a Rogue Driver Doing This(Video)



Accident graphs in the country are growing rapidly and incredibly. These is taking most lives which has led to lowering of the country economically.

Kenyans have posted mixed reactions upon viewing a video surfacing online, where by a driver of a personal car is ignorantly overtaking a lorry without maintaining the road signs and regulations concerning overtaking. The motorbike that was being rudely and arrogantly given flash lights maintained its rights letting the personal car take the most dangerous move by overtaking by the far end right side.

Drivers are asked to be keen while operating machines as ignorance ,Over speeding, inexperienced personnel, Outdated Machines and driving while drunk kills. The responsible authorities are also urged to intervine the case above and find a solution as this suggests that the driver in this video is very ignorant and does not respect the kenyan laws concerning roads.

Kenyans are asking the government and the National Transport and safety authority (NTSA) to take action to this driver.

Watch the video here

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