Stop Saying I Saw Your Missed Call, It Is Ungrammatical, Here Is The Right Thing To Say

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Learning is a continuous process that only stops when you die. For you to be good in a particular language you have to first learn the basics before going deeper. With that said, Today, I shall highlight simple English grammatical errors that we commit on daily basis.

Time your time and go through the following words and make the necessary corrections.

I saw your call- I saw your call

I have two trousers - I have two pairs of trousers

Mothers-in-law - Mother- in- law

He gave me advice - he gave me a piece of advice.

I was beaten by rain- I was drenched in the rain.

Driving license - driver's license

Many peoples- Many people

Plate number- The Number plates

Lastly, the place you brush your teeth in the bathroom is called the brushing tub and not a sink. Thanks for reading, like share and follow me for such educative articles.

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