4 Facts Chelsea Fans Might Not Know About Their Club

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Most fans of Chelsea football club have little or no knowledge about the club's history, and amazing facts which the club has built on in the 21st century, as they are only conversant with the club's success since Roman Abrahimovic bought the Club in 2003.

Although, Chelsea became a prominent club in England and Europe, when the Russian billionaire took over ownership of the club, and most of the club's success came in this period.

In this article, we will be bringing to notice, four amazing Chelsea facts to enhance your knowledge about the club's history.

1. Stamford Bridge Is Owned By The Fans

The ownership of the Stamford Bridge ground, and the naming right of the stadium are owned by an organization knowned as the Chelsea Pitch Owners(CPO), consisting of over 21,000 Chelsea fans owning shares.

The CPO organization was established by former Chelsea owner Ken Bates in 1992, with the primary motive of ensuring that Chelsea fans continuously watch football at Stamford Bridge.

The Chelsea Pitch Owners leased the stadium to the club, and the club has run every affairs of the stadium since then.

2. Chelsea, Along With Arsenal Are the First Clubs To Wear Numbered Kits In Games.

It is now a standard in modern football for a club Jersey to contain numbers, which each players are to wear in games.

Chelsea and Arsenal were the first team that brought about the innovation of wearing numbers in football kits.

Chelsea first wore shirts with numbers in their game against Swansea in August 1928.

Although it took almost 10 years later before it became a standard in England, for all teams to wear numbered kits.

3. First Club To Win All UEFA Trophies

Chelsea recent success of winning the UEFA Super Cup against Villarreal this season, makes them the only club to have won all four UEFA major tournaments.

The blues has won the UEFA winner's cup, Champions League, Europa League and the super cup.

They are also the only British club to have won three UEFA trophies at least two times, winning the UEFA winner's cup in 1971 and 1998, Champions League in 2012 and 2021, and the Europa League in 2013 and 2019.

4. The Only Club To Hold Both The Champions League And Europa League Title At Same Time

Chelsea won the Champions League trophy in 2012, but dropped to the Europa League the following season, after finishing third position in their champions league group, which they end up winning the Europa League that season.

Chelsea became the first club ever to have both the Champions League trophy, and the Europa League trophy for ten days, before the Champions League trophy was won by another club.

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