Adorable Images of Rare Breeds of Cows

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Did you know that there are many cattle breeds in the with strange features?They may seem to be hilarious but are found in some parts of the Earth. The following are some the unrare animals which are kept for different reasons.

The cow which is considered the heaviest and longest of all is the ankole longhorn. It has long horns are used for defence.The horns also helps the cow to cool its blood.

The shorthorn is another rare breed of cows in the entire planet. This breed is characterised with short horns.

The buffalo cow is another uncommon cattle breed kept for meat.Their meat does not much fat are low in cholesterol as compared to other beef.The cow appearing above is among the tallest cattle in the world. The cow high productive in terms of milk.It is however a heavy feeder which requires stall feeding.Share with other these unique breeds of pretty looking cows.

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