This is how viagra overdose kills

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Viagra is a powerful drug that is used to assist people with difficulty to erect.

Its usually taken 30-60 minutes before action. Its generic name is sildenafil but its normally rebrunded to different names and sold over the counter. It comes in different color tablets like blue, Pink and white but commonly blue, thats why it is called the ,'blue pill'over the counter.

Viagra increases blood flow to the penis to maintain erection. It is effective but causes side effects especially to people who have underlying heart and blood vessels disease or take more than required amount within a day. It's normally provided in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets.

It’s a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. PDE5 is an enzyme that regulates certain chemicals in your blood, but as a result can make it harder for you to get and keep an erection. So viagra blocks the above enzyme for erection to take place.

Viagra increases blood blood flow to the lower pelvic vessels, it causes vaso-dilation of blood vessels. This widening of blood vessels leads to low pressure of blood in the body called hypotension. Hence doctors do not advice use by people with medical low blood pressure.

When you take more of viagra dose within a day your blood pressure will be low for along period of time hence interfering with supply of blood to important body organs like the brain, lungs and heart.

When action to see a doctor is not taken first low blood pressure will eventually kill somebody by taking him to coma due to minimal blood reaching the brain. Heart attack will kill one if blood fails to reach the heart. Blood will also fail to reach the lungs for oxygenation hence one dies due lack of oxygen filled blood supply in the body.

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