Opinion: See Reasons Why Yahaya Bello Would Be The Best President Of Nigeria If Given The Chance.


Leadership is about being able to fight for the people on their behalf. Leadership also entails the ability to stand out among others in the area of decision making.

Nigeria is a great nation with a lot of human and natural resources. We need someone who can make resources available to provide some basic necessity of life of the citizens.

Nigeria needs one person that can provide all these and many more. Nigeria needs such person like Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state. And in this article I will be explaining how and why Yahaya Bello will be the greatest president in Nigeria if given a chance

Yahaya Bello is a young politician and a successful business man. He already understand the business of politics and he does always what benefit his people and not selfish reasons.

Yahaya Bello has leadership quality that we looked up to. This is why he is one of the most talked about governor around. Sometimes, people misunderstood him but in real sense, he is a honest man.

He does not do what all others do just to prove a point that he belongs. Or things like, this people are my people let us join and do this. Yahaya Bello believes in his technicality. He does what is right.

Governor Yahaya Bello is one person who practices no favouritism. He does not say let these people that are from my town or community be be given given upper hand . He is a wholeheartedl fighter that fights for everyone.

One thing that earned him my respects is the way he tackled the issue of covid-19 alone. There is this saying that if you cannot beat them you join them. He could not beat the others but he stood his ground and as at now there is no case of covid -19 in Kogi state. This he could have done for Nigeria if he was the president. We need a leader like Yahaya Bello as the president of Nigeria.

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