Ukraine peace negotiator executed for allegedly being a Russian spy

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A mysterious member of Ukraine’s peace delegation was executed amid claims he was a doubleagent for Russia.

Officials in Kyiv said spy and ex-banker Denis Kireev, 45, was killed during an operation “defending the nation”.

Kireev’s name was not on the list of Ukraine’s official delegation to peace talks with Russia last week.

But he was pictured sitting on the Ukrainian side of the negotiating table.

Kyiv’s government hailed him a “hero” after his death, but MPs claimed he was shot by the Ukrainian intelligence agency for “treason”.

Gory photographs were posted online showing Kireev dead in a pool of blood as sources said he was “literally executed” in the centre of Kyiv.

Both Russia and Ukraine claim he may have been working for both sides.

According to various media reports, many young children and women have been caught up in the crossfire.

Various states have castigated the unending war in Ukraine which seems to be escalating.


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