Thuli Phongolo has not been seen in public with Dj Maphorisa for a while here to see why

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Are they still dating?

Thuli Phongo once admitted that she is single and we have to believe that, because she has not been seen with Dj Maphorisa recently. These two used to take vacations together and attend social venues together, but now all of that is not happening anymore. Thuli seemed very happy to be with him because Maphorisa is a very good man and he made her a happy woman.

They were the best couple. The reason why things dis not work out between them is that they are both always busy. Thuli said that she works from Monday to Monday. She attends venues to perform, do her hair and attend meetings as well. Dj Maphorisa is also always on the road performing for his fans and they will only get to see each other's once or twice a month.

They seemed to be enjoying each other's company. I really hope that they will find a way back together. Some of the fans are asking what really happened. Time is what they did not have for their relationship because they are laways working, these things happened all the time. If their love for each other was real then they will get back together some day.

There are so many things that Dj Maphorisa taught Thuli Phongolo including to be a better Dj. Their goal was to become one of the best couple Djs in South Africa. I love the fact that Thuli is still a Dj and her fans love her very much.


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