Trouble For Ruto as Section of Isiolo Residents Reject Gachagua as Running Mate (Video)

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Regional and tribal politics have governed this country for a long time, and political muscles continue to ravage the country. Some politicians are still trying to bring it up, with vice president William Ruto picking Rigathi Gachagua to try to persuade Mount Kenya to vote as a bloc, which is now impossible due to the handshake.

In Isiolo, several UDA party affiliates have warned Deputy President William Ruto that Rigathi Gachagua is not their running mate. Nation Africa published a video in which video link

UDA party affiliates are in a panic after Martha Karua was confirmed as Hon Raila Odinga's running mate. They are doing everything they can to stay alive. Deputy party head UDA party revealed the disturbing news that Gideon Moi was the reason Kalonzo Musyoka never joined wheelbarrow country during a morning interview.

Gideon Moi's campaign against DP William Ruto in the Rifty Valley has angered the UDA deputy. With politics becoming more attractive, the UDA party leader stated that obtaining Kalonzo would be an early victory for them.

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