Kenya Kwanza Rally in Kiambu Turns to a Laughing Stock as Locals Snub MP Kuria's Event in Kabete

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Photo: A poorly attended rally graced by Moses Kuria in Kabete.

Kenya Kwanza Movement rally in Kiambu has today turned into a laughing stock. As Kiambu residents allegedly snubbed the rally that saw Gatundu South Member of Parliament cum Kiambu's Gubenotorial candidate, Moses Kuria glamour in Kabete.

The Chama Cha Kazi Party (An affiliate party in the Kenya kwanza movement) boss, Moses Kuria toured the region traversing different areas. In a bid to rally Kiambu residents to not only support his Kiambu Gubenotorial quest but also deputy president William Ruto's statehouse bid.

However, the M, accompanied by his running mate and his allies were accorded a cold reception by residents.

Via viral photos shared online by Judy on her Facebook page. Kiambu residents are seen having graced the event in small numbers.

Note that MP Moses Kuria is on a hot pursuit to see Kiambu residents support his bid as he also relies on DP Ruto's influence in the region on the Kenya Kwanza Movement.

However, he is facing a fierce rivalry from UDA party candidate, Kimani Wamatangi under the Kenya Kwanza Movement. Hence such a cold reception towards Moses Kuria was to be expected.

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