Signs of a controlling partner, ladies check out if your man do these things

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When you're in a relationship and your spouse begins to act in a way that could be construed as controlling or abusive, it can be difficult to recognize at first.

The following are the 2 characteristics of a controlling partner.

1. They isolate you from your friends and family.

If your partner tries to prevent you from speaking to others, they are a controlling partner. This might be as straightforward as them saying they 'don't like you hanging out' with particular individuals, but it can also be more subtle — they may say they despise your friends, that you spend too much time with them and they feel left out (which leads to you never spending any time with them).

2. They Won't Allow You to Wear What You Want

If your partner informs you that you'aren't permitted' to wear certain things for whatever reason, it's a sign that they're controlling. It could be because you seem 'too seductive,' that you're dressing up to impress someone who isn't them, or that the way you dress reflects poorly on them. They may also make fun of your appearance by stating you don't dress femininely enough, and they may try to push you to dress in a way they want. If your partner starts acting in this way and doesn't seem to mind that you're upset, they're being controlling.

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