After Dumping Uhuru For Ruto, Wamuchomba Drops Another Shocker on Why Mt Kenya is against Uhuru


MP Gathoni Wamuchomba courtesy Facebook

Kiambu Women representative Hon Gathoni Wamuchomba has delivered yet another shocker on why she dumped president Uhuru Kenyatta in what elicited mixed reactions.

According to Wamuchomba who has been the head of state's strong defender, the Mt Kenya region were angry with Uhuru Kenyatta over his political moves.

She said the region did not want president Uhuru Kenyatta to enter into a handshake with former prime minister Raila Odinga in a move that saw Uhuru throw his deputy under the bus.

On her shocking move to join Tanga Tanga political wing, Wamuchomba said she completely had no regrets as the move was made after careful consideration.

"Mt Kenya region is very angry with Uhuru.The region did not permit him to enter into a handshake deal with Raila Odinga.Therefore I have no regrets about ditching him for DP William Ruto," MP Wamuchomba was quoted.

Here are reactions to her sentiments;

"She made a good move because selling Raila agenda in Central is like selling pork in Saudi Arabia"

"I'm from central I'm proud of handshake between uhuru and Rao and I will pray for this handshake so that it will born president come 2022 . Wamishara tunakujua we are the people who voted for u, and we will vote you out come 2022."

Photo courtesy Facebook

"Whenever a hyena wishes to feast on its young one, she first accuses it of smelling like a dry fried goat ribs . I wish her accomplishments spoke louder than her excuses."