Opinion: EFF leader says a big statement that can affect the EFF.

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The economic freedom fighters leader Julius sello malema says that the state capture report wasted the money of the state, he says that the report was just a (gossip).

Julius sello malema encouraged the youth to vote for the economic freedom fighters to be in power, he uttered words to say that the youth are the leader's of south Africa and they should be given a chance to be able to show their talents and skills to the world.

It is also not a secret that the leader of the economic freedom fighters Julius sello malema is against the leadership of the African national congress, since 1994 which was supposed to be freedom day to many south Africans we still have loadshedding in south Africa and other major challenges.

According to the economic freedom fighters leader Julius sello malema this is indeed a sign of weak leadership, The economic freedom fighters believe that they are the only party that can liberate south Africans out of poverty and all the major challenges that they are facing.

It is difficult to believe as state entities are now on a stage of collapsing, eskom is a greater reflection of a collapsing entity, it is not a secret that the more eskom implements loadshedding is the more that people will definitely loose job's.The leader of the economic freedom fighters uttered words after the last state capture report to say that the country is led by fools, he says that under the leadership of the economic freedom fighters south Africa will never have shacks, he believes that the economic freedom fighters can grow The economy of south Africa.

It is now difficult to believe on which party can be the saviour of south Africa as it is now that many people are unemployed specially the youth.

The statement of the economic freedom fighters leader Julius malema can affect the party as sometimes his words are uttered without thinking.it is clear that parties are fighting for power and votes but the challenges in south Africa still remains the same, it seems like a cycle that will never change.


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