8 Ways Of Making Her Heart Your Own.


You have been trying so hard to win the heart of your dear one but its all turned out to be fruitless. You have even impressed her with all the nice things that you can even think of but it's still not working out for you. She even knows the things you owned, places you have been to and the great personalities you know but nothing is coming out of it. These are some of the things to do to bring an end to such setbacks in your relationship with that special someone you wish to be with.

1. Develop Good Manners. You must show your partner the maximum of respect she deserves and don't treat her any how. You must treat her with courtesy and politeness. Exhibit correct public behavior when you guys go out for a walk. If possible ask a candid friend especially the opposite sex to find out the person you really are and take it in good faith whatever her response might be.

2. Practice Good Personal Hygiene. Good personal hygiene shows respect not only for others but yourself. No decent lady will love to be hanging out with a guy whose personal hygiene is questionable. It's therefore, prudent that you maintain a good personal hygiene to smell clean and fresh all the time.

3. Cultivate Conversation Skills. The basis of a lasting relationship is good communication between you and your partner. Don't always talk about your interest but that of your partner as well to have a fruitful conversation. Give her much attention when she's sharing her opinions with you and value her views too.

4. Be Responsible. You must always be active by engaging in any product work that helps you to meet your end means. Your partner should be able to to count on you in times of any difficulty.

5. Take The Initiative. If you think a female friend whom you admire might make a good marriage partner, be bold and let her know that you are interested in her. Be clear and go straight to the point in declaring your feelings to her. Don't fear rejection and just be courageous enough to propose to her.

6. Respect The Girl's Decision. Learn to respect the decisions of your partner when whenever she makes her stance known to you.

7. Stop Flirting. Stop using flattering speech and provocative body language when you know very well that you have no interest in pursuing an honorable romantic relationship with her.

8. Don't Joke With A Girl's Feelings. Stop complimenting a girl on her appearance or regularly talk to her and confide in her because she might think that you have a romantic interest in her. Be real with your partner.

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