8 Fashion Styles of BBNaija Star, Tacha That May Inspire Young Ladies

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Popular Big Brother Naija, Tacha is a fashion guru who values fashion. She always display a high sense of fashion, which inspires both fans and other fashionistas.

Below are 8 fashion styles and creativity of Tacha, which will surely inspire any fashion lover that comes across this content. So take a look at how she inspired us with her different fashion sense.

1. Tacha in a brown colour lace gown.

She gave us a classy appearance above, as she perfectly rocked her lace in a unique way. Her creativity above is topnotch and worth copying by both fashion lovers and designers.

Her choice of colour is also perfect, as it compliments her skin tone. Every fashionista should always consider the colour of dress before rocking them, because colour plays a great role in perfecting your appearance.

Always wear clothes that has a complimenting colour to your skin tone, so your appearance can be wowing and captivating to sights. I also adore the stylings and the artificial stones used to decorate the attire, making it shine in appearance.

She wore a classy heels, which also played a great role to make her look more classy and attracting to sights. Such appearance is perfect for any special outdoor events, and parties.

2. Off-shoulder black gown.

Off shoulder dress lovers, will surely love the above dress. The dress has a simple sewing, coupled with a stunning design that made the wearer look wowing. The off shoulder dress was perfect to her body, which is the very important aspect of off shoulder dress.

Every lady that wants to sew an off shoulder gown, should make sure that her designer takes an accurate body measurement, so that the dress can perfectly suit her body and hold firm to her when worn.

Looking at the black dress above, it gave her a firm and perfect view, because both the colour and the sewing style/design all were perfect and compliments her body. Also her choice of heels, was great and top inspiring.

3. Her 2 piece dress.

She gave us a hot appearance as she wore a multicoloured shirt, with a short jeans. Above is a dashing and stunning appearance for high class ladies. She wore a classy red heels which also gave her a classy view.

I love the way she slayed it with a red colour cap, and a shade which also made her look so stunning and captivating. High class ladies who want to look hot when stepping out, can gain inspiration from the above fashion sense.

4. Classy two piece appearance.

Appearance is above is a perfect dinner dressing. I love the way those colours matched each other, and also compliment her skin. Those colour combo gave her a bold appearance, making her look captivating and attracting to sights.

Her skirt has a sweet styling that should inspire designers. She wore the dress with a same colour heels, which also was a perfect type of footwear that should be rocked.

5. Another unique two piece dressing.

Explaining the above appearance will take me the whole day, but looking at her appearance above, it's among the best creativity I have seen as a fashionista. She proved a high sense of fashion that should be copied by many who value fashion.

The heels she wore, the styling and design on her dress, all are great and inspiring.

6. A dinner appearance.

Another sweet off shoulder inspiration that should be copied. Pink gave her a bold view, as it matched her skin tone, coupled with the same colour heels she wore, which also did a great job to perfect her fashion.

Ladies who love simple dress, and want to look classy when stepping out for dinner parties, friends hangout, can tryout the above fashion sense.

7. A hot combination.

The hot combo above is topnotch, as the wearer looked really hot and stunning. The styling of her shirt is highly inspirational and should inspire not just a fashionista, but also a designer who values fashion.

Her choice of heels, wig and it's colour, shade and handbag, all are perfect and did a great job in complimenting her view, making her look so classy. She gave us a boss lady appearance.

8. Stunning gown appearance.

The styling on her above Ankara gown, coupled with the colours gave her a stunning and unique view. Such view is perfect for special events, dinner parties, friends hangouts, and Sunday outdoor activities.

Her heels, purse, face makeup and choice of wig/its colour, all played a good role in making her look wowing. Every young lady who wants to look stunning when stepping out for events, can gain inspiration from the above fashion styles of Tacha.

Photo Credit: Instagram / symply_tacha

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