Enjoy your day with these funny shoes.


Transportation has announced to the world the many different forms in which they can appear to be. There might be many forms of transport but transportation by foot is certainly the first form of transportation in the history of mankind. Maybe, there are doubters over here but let me clarify this statement of mine by giving you a few important examples.

The Christians who believe in the Bible testifies to the fact that after Adam was created, he hovered around the garden of Eden. He was probably not on a bicycle or in a car, he did so on his feet.

I do not know what Islam says about the first people to be created but I'm sure they certainly walked should in case they wanted to move from one place to another.

The atheists who also claim humans evolved from apes will testify to the fact that the apes they claim we are their generation also locomoted by the means of using their feet. They had no trains or airplanes.

In order to see us not stressed and probably get hurt by sharp objects, shoes were invented. The main purpose of this invention was to give us comfortability when locomoting but these days, other peripheral purposes have been attached to wearing of shoes. It seems people have even given such purposes a high attention even as compared to the main idea behind the creation of shoes.

Nowadays, it is not about how the shoe is making you comfortable, it is about how expensive or even, how nice the shoes are. People are showing off their shoes. "Is it expensive?", "How nice is it?", "Is it distinct from all the other shoes over here?", "Which brand are you wearing?" These are words you are likely to hear concerning shoes. The value given to shoes has increased to the extent that they are now expensive than clothes.

Well, in this article I am going to talk about some shoes which will make you wonder how they came about. There is no doubt people are creative but some are overdoing it. After strolling through these pictures, you will be made to wonder how some people think and execute their plans. Let us go straight into the pictures

1. This shoe over here gives an impression of the feet of a hen. Imagine how hard it will be for the owner walking in these. There is a high probability of you falling when you decide to walk around in these shoes

2. What is this over here? The length of this shoe can accommodate three or four people but the creator decided to make it available to the owner only so one person will literally be in the shoes of four people.

3. Imagine seeing your mother wear this to your P.T.A meeting in this generation. How are you going to react? You can let me know in the comments

4. How come? What really motivated the shoe maker to put together this shoe? This is extremely funny

5. I don't know about you but I think this shoe is ugly.

This is where it all comes to an end. I bet you are wondering how shoes could look so funny. You can let me know the worst shoe amongst this collection too.

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