Harambee Stars Players Lose Hope After This Incident Happened To Their Team Player.


Harambee stars recently had seen hope coming through one of the team player who has been playing on English premier League championship on the sides of Watford, Henry Ochieng who is a great midfielder and coming next season the player was supposed to participate in the English premier League competitions being a second Kenyan midfielder after another Kenyan midfielder Victor Wanyama who played for Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur before leaving for MLS.

This was a great impact to the national team as it is preparing for the world qualification games set ahead but all this is in vain as the player has been left out of the Watford city team with other players who are also set to leave the club and the end of the season, the club reports to leave these players because it wanted to strengthen the team for competitive English premier League.

Henry Ochieng has been axed with several of his teammates and have no chance of participating in the known competitive English premier League soon unless he joins another club that is already on the league or the one moving to it alongside Watford city.

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