Top Celebrities' Hottest Sons


DJ Mo son

DJ mo is one of the best Kenyan DJ's and he have been blessed with two cute children. The youngest is the boy namely Muraya Junior. The boy is very cute at a very young age. His wife who is size 8 is very much proud of their children and have been posting them of the social media platforms. They thinks its a good thing as it will enhance the child growth in a very social way.

Size 8 made sure that in her Instagram account she is able to engage her kids. The Child Muraya Junior at the age of 2 years is showing a great motivation of been a socialist. The mother have encouraged her husband to show a good role modeling design to the children so that they can have a better future.

Diamonds Son

The young boy who is the son of Zari and Diamond Platinum is probably the hottest child in town. He is very stylish in his code of dressing and this created a lot of concerns to the public. Diamond despite venturing into music he have ensured that he takes care of his children well. 

Between these two sons whom do you think is really the smartest of all with the fashion. The two celebrities have been investing to ensure that their families live a better lifestyle. let's hare our remarks of whom we think is very cute by looks and the dressing codes.