Expect More Surprises in The 2021 AFCON - Ex-Kotoko Midfielder

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The shockers at the AfCon 2021 is really making the tournament very exciting and interesting, according to ex-Asante Kotoko midfielder, Thonnhy Oduro.

The pundits and connoisseurs are all getting it wrong. I tell my friends that football is now not about players with big names oo (like Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Mahrez etc); the individual players are psyching and making personal efforts to achieve, so if one considers only the names of a 'small' country. More so being a debutant or lowly ranked in World Football then we must be joking and living in a mirage.

If a 'small' team which has a crop of just 5 hungry and ambitious players like it happened with Ghana in 1982. Then my brother, the so-called BIG teams should sit up or beware. Soccer is changing by the day. As for the rankings, we all know it's done scientifically and doesn't have any practical effect on matches. 

It happened at AFCON 2019 and it's happening now and will happen at AFCON 2023. Remember Ghana *(42nd in the world)* beat Czech *(2nd inthe world with Peter Cech in post)* 2-0 in 2006 World Cup, so let's look at soccer from a relevant, practical, day-to-day point of view.

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