The most incredible pregnancy: 7 babies were born the same and live healthy

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The peaceful life of the Mike Coffey family changed dramatically in 1997. At that time, they already had a child. However, for the love of the children, they always planned to have a second child, but they never succeeded in conceiving. As a result, the wife planned to conceive a second child by artificial insemination.

The effect of this artificial insemination was really surprising. His wife, Bob Bi, was pregnant with 7 births this time. Due to the consideration of too much pregnancy risk and the fetal's own health problems, the doctor suggested that they be able to choose the best. But his wife Bao Bi unfollowed the doctor's advice.

To prevent accidental miscarriages, Bobby started to bed when she was five months pregnant. Moreover, in order to ensure adequate nutrition for seven children, Bobby needs to eat almost every 40 minutes.

Finally, the couple welcomed these 7 little babies. But these little guys only “lived” in their mother ’s stomach for just 7 months and couldn’t wait to come out. Fortunately, the children were born safely, but two children were sick. As the public and the government funded them, the sick children have been receiving treatment and has recovered well.

The couple not only received a large 500-square-foot house from the president, but also a cart, macaroni and cheese for the whole family for one year, diapers enough for children for two years. The hardship of raising a child is only known to couples, but they are always grateful. The healthy growth of these seven children is also credited to the help of good people.

After growing up, these seven children were all running for their studies. Later, they all entered high school and participated in various activities with great pleasure. 

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