(Photos) Israel Defense Force Soldiers Spotted Spending Their Time With Disabled Children

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ILAN is a voluntary organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled children and adults afflicted with cerebral palsy, polio, progressive muscle dystrophy or neuro-muscular injuries and diseases.

Recently, Israeli Air Force personnel were spotted spending time with children suffering from various disabilities. This is according to a social media post by the Israeli Air Force that read, "Yesterday, the Tel Nof base hosted the children and families of the ILAN organization, which opened the 70th anniversary celebrations for the organization with an event in squadron 133 (knights of the double tail). Their dream and got to know the cockpit and air crews up close."

Tge social media post by Isareli Air Force was followed by photos showing Israeli Aor Force personnel showing the kids the various military aircrafts and equipment. Some of the kids were on wheelchairs, while others had to be held as they moved around.

Even though the children's medical conditions prevented them from joining the military, they can at least be sure that they are under the protection of one of the best and lethal military in the world.

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