HOLDEN (A Poem About A Young Maiden Awaiting Her Prince)


Wait your for me my prince.


I am adorning myself with beautiful apparel and perfume from the east.

It will a while 

O patience, let not go of my prince.

Within me I want to run out to meet you 

But royalty demands my adornment before my feet slip out.

My heart calls for you my prince,

I know you want me as much as I do


Allow me prepare to meet you.

Keep your eyes from destruction and await my coming.

Stand under the Oak and sing the lovers song

Call my name when you are thirsty

I will command my handmaiden to send you wine to quench your thirst.

In the night, listen with your heart and you will hear my whispers in the wind.

You will feel my warmth when your eyes are shut.

You will feel a gentle kiss on your cheek when you think of my love for you.

You will feel my perfume in the breeze.

You will feel my love engulfing you.

You will feel me.

Will you wait?

Will you stand by me when the night comes?

Will you shield me from the sun?

Will you wait?

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