Stop Bathing With Your Kids


Some African parents have been involved in many mistakes their children go through but would blame the kids or act ignorant.

They do certain acts that they feel it's normal but in reality it's really affecting their children.Some of this acts includes bathing with their kids even when they are matured enough.Not only bathing, but also undressing Infront of them.This is not for the opposite sex but also the same sex from a baby to a grown up kid.The act should be stopped completely.

What some parents don't know is when you continuously strip Infront and bath with your kids,You are actually abusing them.Which is an offence by the way.

If you think I don't know what I'm saying,then just look at what happened to Akuapem Poloo.You can be arrested and prosecuted.Even with that you are infringing upon your child's right to privacy.

You might wonder why your girl or boy child would test sex at an early age,but you wouldn't know you are the one that exposed them to it.You are asking how?.Well kids are like cats,they like to investigate everything they see.So what do you would happen if they asked their opposite sex about what they saw?.They would even trick them.

Your kids might find it even normal to strip outside.They will start stripping anytime they have the chance.This can also put their lives in danger.That is subject of arrest or contracting of diseases.

The little effort you put in ensuring the goodness of your kids helps impact big on them.So make sure whilst raising your kids up,you aren't doing it wrong or else you would bare the consequences.

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