"Call Me Out With Your Full Chest And Say The Truth" -Bobrisky Tells Daffy Who Supports Oye Kyme

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Nigerian controversial crossdresser Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju who is popularly known as Bobrisky has taken to his official Instagram handle to blast UK based singer, Daffy Blanco following the comment she made about him.

Daffy Blanco took to her official Instagram handle to support Bobrisky's former personal assistant Oye Kyme. Daffy Blanco claimed that Oye Kyme spoke the truth and if anybody wants to threaten her, she is ready to support her with money.

However, Bobrisky denied knowing Daffy Blanco and besides, he said he has never seen or spoken to Daffy Blanco before and this is contrary to what Daffy Blanco said because she said she was Bobrisky's friend.

Besides, Bobrisky shared the messages Daffy Blanco sent to him which he did not reply since 2017. Bobrisky said that Daffy Blanco should call him out if she wants to.

Bobrisky said: "Who is your friend. Look at your DM here since 2017 till now, I haven't seen you or spoken to you. If you want to call me out, call me out with your full chest and say the truth". Kindly drop comments in the below section.

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