What Is The Difference Between The Attire King Promise Is Wearing And The Dresses Osebo Wears

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Contemporary fashion has got most people talking about almost everything that people do, especially the dresses that celebrities be it models, actresses, actors, musicians, media personalities and other famous people put on.

In Ghanaian, anything that celebrities or friends or celebrities and public figures put on people will talk about it, especially netizens and social media users, even though other media also do publicize them but they are not as much as what social media does.

And this same reactions from the media got most people to talk about Osebo's style of dressing in public.

Osebo is called Richard Brown and the father of popular media personality Nana Aba Anamoah's son. So most often people attack Osebo about what he wears through Nana Aba Anamoah because she is a public figure.


King Promise

But one thing that led to the writing of this article is the current posted picture of King promise on his Facebook platform. Kind problem was wearing a shirt that looked very long but very short and looked like a female attire just like what Osebo Normally wears.

On a more serious note, the dresses Osebo wears are as equal as what king promise was wearing in his latest posted picture on her Facebook platform when he is was at New York.

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