Court Revealed Why Man Who Hacked His Wife To Death Was Sentenced To Only Five Years Imprisonment

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Paul Kipkemoi Confessed to have killed his wife Caroline koech at their home in kipkelion, kericho county, in November last year.

According to the prosecution on that fateful morning the accused arrived home and found out that his children had slept hungry after the deceased wife had gone out partying and was drunk.

When he confronted her, she was not sorry but instead she started exchanging words with her husband which annoyed him. The deceased is said to have threatened to leave him and go back to her parents house.

The accused is said to have beaten her leading to her death. His sister arrived at the scene of crime to help but was too late.

It is said that Mr Kemboi reported to the police that he had killed his wife Caroline after argument.

During his judgement the court said they will him light sentence of five years in prison, with the reason that Kemboi was a first offender and had saved the court’s time by pleading guilty to manslaughter.

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